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Licensing FAQ

  • How does font licensing work?

  • Since fonts are technically software, what you purchase is not the files themselves, but the license to use them for specific purposes. The cost of this license depends on the specifics of your usage, so you only pay for what you need. Mass-Driver also offers trial licenses, which allow you to evaluate our fonts for free.

  • What is a EULA?

  • The EULA (End User License Agreement) is the legal document detailing what you’re allowed to use the fonts for. It sets out the terms of the license and describes what you can and can’t do with the fonts.

  • What license types do you offer?

  • You can purchase Desktop and Web licenses directly through this website. If you have a specific use case which isn’t covered by either of those types, you can contact us to discuss a custom license.

  • Who needs to buy the license?

  • The license needs to be registered to the end user of the fonts. You can specify the end user during the order process.

  • If you’re producing work on for a client, you need a license to cover your use of the fonts, and the client will need their own separate license. If you only deliver static documents to the client (like images or non-editable PDFs), they don’t need their own license.

  • What happens if I exceed my license?

  • If your usage goes over what your license covers (for instance, if your website traffic increases beyond the number of pageviews on your web license), please contact us to upgrade your license.

  • Can I share the fonts with a subcontractor?

  • Since they count as a separate end user, they will need their own license.

  • Can I transfer a license to someone else?

  • Licenses are not transferrable. We can make minor corrections to the name on a license if you let us know.

  • What happens if the EULA changes?

  • You’ll always be bound by the version of the EULA you agreed to at the point of purchase. If you upgrade an order, or place a new one, it will be subject to the latest version.

  • How long does a license last?

  • Forever. Enjoy!

If you have any questions not listed above, or you’d like further advice or explanation regarding licensing, please contact us.