Straightforward, perpetual font licensing with no recurring fees.


We think font licensing should be as simple as possible, and that prices should reflect the value fonts can provide for a company. Our licensing model is designed to reflect that, so it might be a little different from what you’re used to.
Our Commercial license is priced according to company size: how many people, in total, work for the Licensee — since larger organisations can extract more value from the same fonts. We don’t charge extra for using fonts on the web or other media, and we don’t require you to upgrade a license if your usage changes later.

License Options

Commercial Trial
Desktop Unlimited Personal
Web (self-hosted) Unlimited
App Unlimited
Subcontractors Unlimited
Pricing Company Size Free
Student work Yes Yes

Commercial License

A Commercial license allows a licensee* to use our fonts commercially, and it also covers any designers or agencies using the fonts on their behalf. This license is priced according to the total size of the licensee (not just the number of people using the fonts).

Trial License

A Trial license lets you use our fonts for testing and evaluation at no cost. Trial fonts contain the full glyph sets and OpenType features, but can’t be used in public or commercial work.

License FAQ

Who should own the license, me or my client?

Your client — the organisation commissioning the work, not the designer or agency creating it. As a designer, you only need to own a Commercial license if you’re creating work for yourself.

What happens if my company grows?

As long as your license was valid when you bought it, it’ll remain valid forever. There are no recurring fees or mandatory upgrades.

Can I buy a license for a company with more than 250 people?

Yes — please get in touch to discuss a licensing arrangement for your organisation.

What happens to my old license?

The license you originally bought will always apply, even if we change the terms for new licenses.

If your existing license is our original V1 model, you can choose to upgrade to the more permissive V2 license terms — please send us a message if that’s the case.

If you have a Non-Commercial license for a font, we’ll continue to provide a discount for Commercial license upgrades equivalent to the amount you’ve already paid.

Although they’re no longer available to purchase, you can check the terms of our previous licenses here:


Can I use your fonts in a logo?


Can I use your fonts in social media posts?


Can I use your fonts in a website/app/game?

Yes. (Although you need to take reasonable precautions to make sure people can’t access the font files, like only using WOFF/WOFF2 formats on the web.)

What can I not use the fonts for?

There are some general restrictions, which the license describes in full detail. The biggest ones are:

  • You can’t use our fonts for violent or hateful content;
  • You can’t use them in a way that would let people to make their own designs (like iron-on lettering or a design app); and
  • You need permission beforehand for projects relating to politics, religion, or cryptocurrency.
Can I test your fonts before purchasing?

Yes. Trial versions of all our typefaces are available for free. They’re functionally equivalent to the fully-licensed versions, so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting.

Can I use trial fonts in websites or apps?

Not if they’re accessible to the public — but you can use trial fonts internally during development.

Can you provide the fonts in a different format?

The formats we provide should cover almost every use case, but if not, let us know and we’ll try to provide the format you need.

Can you modify one of your typefaces for me?

Yes, absolutely. We can add extra characters, or create a custom version of a typeface for your organisation — just let us know what you need.

Can I modify a font myself?

If you convert the type to outlines in your design tool, you can modify the resulting paths. You’re not allowed to edit or reverse-engineer the actual font files (although we can do this for you if necessary).


What payment options do you provide?

You can purchase licenses for up to 250 employees directly through this website with a credit or debit card. For orders over €200, we can also accept bank transfer or iDEAL (Netherlands only).

Why was my card declined?

Orders from this site are handled by the payment processor Stripe, which means we can’t usually see the reason why they were declined. You might want to try contacting your card issuer and asking them to greenlight the purchase.

Can I buy a font on behalf of my client?

Yes, if they’re okay with it. During the checkout process you can specify the licensee separately.


How does your pricing model work?

The price of our fonts is based on a single metric: the size of the company licensing them. Small companies pay less, and big companies pay more, regardless of how many people are working with the font files.
This also means there’s only one number you need to know about your client to determine the cost of a license. There’s no need to predict how many of their staff will be installing the fonts, or track their website’s traffic over time.

Do you offer discounts for students, charities/nonprofits, etc.?

Yes, we can generally offer discounted commercial licensing in these situations. Please contact us with some info about your organisation to arrange this.

If you’re a student, you can use our trial fonts during your studies for free — unlike most trials, they include the full glyph sets, kerning, and OpenType features.

Are there alternative pricing options available?

We recognise that the ‘company size’ metric isn’t the best fit for every project. If this is the case, we can tailor a license to better fit your situation. Please get in touch to discuss a custom arrangement.

For large organisations, we can also arrange a license for a specific department, rather than the whole company.

Still not sure?

If your question wasn’t listed, or you’re unclear about any part of the license, let us know and we’ll do our best to help out.